Make more money with Avon!

Take Control of Your Finances and Make More Money This Year with Avon!  At a time when jobs are scarce and credit is tight, direct selling offers a unique opportunity. You can start an Avon business and you can take control of your finances and make more money this year.

We’ve got you covered with everything you need to get your Avon business on the right track. When you join Avon as a Representative, you’re not just joining a company, you’re joining a sisterhood of 6 million women from around the world! You’re also joining a tight-knit community that hustles hard and supports each other.

And did you know that you can earn more than $1,000 in 90 days with our KickStart program!? This is REAL money and it is TRULY possible to earn this on your terms!

So how do you become an Avon Representative today?

You sign up to join my team by clicking here!   Use reference code SOUZAK.  Sign up and choose from 3 kits, starting at just $25, which give you all the essentials you need to get you up and running. Then hand out Avon brochures to family & friends and put your FREE Avon eStore to work so your customers can shop with you 24/7!

The only required purchase is one of the starter kits. NO obligation to meet sales quotas or make personal purchases. You truly work on YOUR terms.

Every kit gives you full-size products plus samples, brochures, sales tools and more to help you start sharing, sampling and selling like a pro in no time!  Check out the Avon Starter Kits below and then join my team by  clicking here to make money now! Use reference code SOUZAK. 

Your Premium Starter Kit for $100 (value over $400)

Help customers get full-on gorgeous with the ultimate haul of full-size bestsellers and samples: everything from the Quick Starter and Advanced Starter Kits, plus even more. And carry it all in your exclusive Avon tote!

16 full-size products + 93 samples + Getting Started booklet, catalogs/brochures and more.


Your Advanced Starter Kit for $50 (value over $190)

Includes everything from the Quick Starter Kit, plus even more award-winning beauty and skin care favorites your new customers will love.

10 full-size products + 53 samples + Getting Started booklet, catalogs/brochures and more.




Your Quick Starter Kit for $25 (value over $80)

Favorite products to experience and sell, plus samples and a step-by-step guide for your business and more essentials.

4 full-size products + 10 samples + Getting Started booklet, catalogs/brochures and more.



Join my team!  Don’t forget to use reference code SOUZAK   #bosslife #avonrep #makemoneyonline 

Shop my store at www.youravon.com/souzak  FREE shipping on orders of $40 or more or a flat rate of $5.95.  Use code WELCOME10 for 10% off your first order!

Check out my Facebook page, AVON by Kristin Rae, for regular product updates, reviews and discount codes at https://www.facebook.com/souzakavon/

Kristin Rae Souza

Avon Independent Sales Representative

Middletown, CT




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