What are people saying about Avon?

I’ve been selling Avon (for the 2nd time) for 90 days now and I have to admit that it is a lot more fun than I had expected it to be! I get really excited when my customers tell me how much they love their new Avon purchase. I grew up wearing Avon. My mom was an Avon Representative that sold at the Presidents Club level (who knew?!) and then I began selling for the first time in 2003 when my oldest daughter was born. Why am I telling you this? For context. I’ve always known about Avon but I am slowly realizing that perhaps my generation and younger may not have heard of it. I think the only thing they know about Avon is that Edward Scissorhands had an Avon Lady.

es avon lady

It is not 1950 and I am not knocking door-to-door to sell you Avon (although if you are that kind of Avon Rep more power to you!).  I’m not going to cake your face in strange colors and shades at a home party. I am just sharing what I use and hoping that other people will give it a shot because I really and truly believe it’s better than a lot of the brands y’all are used to paying a LOT of money for. And the thing is….once someone does try Avon they are truly hooked!  I have dozens of customers and they all have different shopping preferences. And they all love what they buy.

I wanted to share some of what “real” people are saying about Avon. Customer testimonials are great but you always wonder where they came from. The below comments were received in Facebook wall posts, emails, text messages and conversations. These are MY customers and this is what they are saying!

“So if anyone has been thinking about ordering Avon nail polish, I 100% recommend it! I painted my nails last Monday and haven’t had a single chip.”

nail enamel

“I can’t believe how good these prices are! This {Be Blushed Cheek Color} is one of the most fun products I’ve bought in a long time!”

be blushed 2

“I just tried my Smooth Minerals foundation and am in LOVE. I’m never buying {designer brand} again!”

smooth minerals

“Skin so Soft hand cream is the BEST! Love that stuff! Do you have another brochure? I need more….”


“I just wanted to say thank you for the Avon! I absolutely love the face mask!!! I was able to get in my workout and facial at the same time. Can’t do that at the spa! And I was surprised to see that Avon carries such a variety of things. I will definitely be ordering more stuff!”


“I can attest to loving it. I’m seriously never buying eyeliner anywhere else. It’s also important to point out that I’m a huge snob when it comes to this stuff…”


Convinced yet? Yup….I knew it. Browse and Shop the current brochure online anytime at www.youravon.com/souzak   Find my business page on Facebook @souzakavon for daily updates on coupon codes and sales. You can link to my Facebook page from the plugin on the home page of this blog site.  #avonrep #avonlady #avonsales #glimmersticks #clearskin #skinsosoft #smoothminerals #makeup #beauty #pretty


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