Filling up your makeup bag?


When I am shopping for cosmetics I’ll be the first to admit that it is very easy to be swayed by big, flashy displays and celebrity advertising.  Finance website gathered some eye-catching facts about beauty shopping, including that the average woman will cough up $15,000 total during her lifetime on cosmetic products.  Who knew?! Which products were the highest?  Approximately $3,770 of that total is going toward mascara alone! Eye shadows and lipsticks were also popular picks and most women fully replenish their makeup bags 5-6 times per year.

Despite the variety of options lining drugstore aisles and available through Direct Sales (Avon!), many women are still hesitant to break up with their pricey designer cosmetics. Why?  MANY of the designer brands you know and love are, in fact, made by the same manufacturers in the same factories as their cost-conscious counterparts.

Avon leads the industry in giving consumers breakthrough, award winning products; from powerful anti-aging skincare products (Anew) to lip color with weightless hydrating gels instead of wax (Beyond Color) and a mascara that revolutionized the way women apply it (Mega Effects). Avon is constantly innovating fragrance, makeup, skincare, personal care and hair products to be top of the industry. Just check out my website to view the huge array of brands and products at

Avon also has a long history of empowering women around the globe! In 1886, 34 years before women in the U.S. earned the right to vote, Avon’s founder gave women the chance to earn an independent income. Avon has been empowering women and creating exceptional products for 130 years!  This is no fly-by-night company. Avon is here to stay!

So, when I spend my $15,000 this lifetime I want it to go towards a company known for empowering women.  To a company that donates significant sums of money to causes that really matter to women around the globe. To a company that creates products that are fun, fresh and cost conscious! I want my makeup bag to be fatter!

Visit my website and online store today at to fill up your makeup bag! #avon #avonrep #beautyonabudget #makeup




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